Stop Taps

All properties require internal and external stop taps to isolate their supply when maintaining their pipes or when an emergency arises.

Every householder should know where to locate the stop taps on their property so that they can quickly turn off the water supply in an emergency. They should operate them on a regular basis to ensure that they are working. Knowing where the stop taps are and being able to turn the water supply off immediately when an emergency situation arises could be the difference between saving possessions or having them ruined by flood damage.

Whilst water authorities will undertake this work, M & S Water Services are a cost effective and efficient alternative who are fully experienced in locating and renewing external and internal stopcocks.

Customers who live in older properties that have shared water supplies often require a new external stop tap to be installed so that they so that they are able to isolate their supply from their neighbours.

External stopcocks can also be used in the process of leak detection where they can be installed on various legs of supply pipes to isolate leak positions (more commonly where the supply feeds more than one property or is longer than 50 meters).

If your internal stop tap is in an inaccessible or hard to reach position or if the householder finds the stop tap hard to operate because of their age or disability then the “SureStop Stopcock” could be the answer. This system provides an easy and reliable way to turn off mains water in the event of a burst pipe or water leak. As the Surestop is easy and convenient to use, you can also turn off your water every time you leave hope, reducing the risk of a leak while you are away. It can also be used as an isolating valve elsewhere in the home or as a simple way to operate a garden tap from within the property.