Supply Pipe

When a leak has been detected and the position has been proven (see leak detection page) the leak can be repaired or eliminated by replacing a section of pipe or, if more economical or there are multiple leaks, relaying the whole supply.

Leakage is not the only reason for renewing a water main. Renewal may be required to increase flow, to replace a lead main, to divert a main or to increase its length.

When our quotation has been accepted a mutually convenient appointment will be arranged for the works to be undertaken.

Before works commences we can take care of all arrangements involving water shut downs, notifications, highway opening notice applications and traffic management requirements.

Supply Pipe

Find and Fix

This is one of the options when it comes to a water supply leak. This involves excavating down on the pipe and replacing the defective section of pipework. This is usually the cheapest option and can only be used when there is evidence of where the leakage is. It may only be a short term solution as the pipework is usually in poor condition and further leaks are likely to occur.

We will carry out a site survey and provide a free, no obligation, quotation to carry out the repair. If the quotation is accepted we will carry out the repair, backfill the excavation and reinstate the area to match the existing surface.


Cut and Cap

On a supply pipe where a leak has been detected, the cut and cap method can be used to prove which section of the supply has a leak. This method is used when the leak is not showing to the surface. It’s used to narrow down the area of leakage, by the cutting the supply pipe and putting a temporary cap on it. It is a useful method on longer supply pipes or to determine whether a leak is external, internal or under the fabric of the property.

We are able to ascertain if the leak is present on that piece of supply pipe by either using the existing water meter, installing a temporary water meter or using a listening stick. When the process is finished we will simply reconnect the supply pipe. This process is repeated until the leak is narrowed to a small section where it’s cost effective to relay that small distance using our trenchless moiling technique.

Ferret Leak Detection

On a supply where a leak had been detected usually over 15m the Ferret Leak Detection device can be used as an option for pinpointing where a leak is. The Ferret is inserted into the pipe at any opening and then it works its way up the pipe until it discovers the leak. A balloon in the Ferret then inflates and stays there. We then use a Cat & Jenny device to trace where the Ferret is.

The leak can then be excavated on, defective section of pipework cut out and a new piece installed.


Supply Pipe Replacement

This is a further option. Many customers prefer to replace the complete supply pipe rather than carry out a repair when leakage is found on the pipework since they feel that it will only be a matter of time before another section of the pipework springs a leak.

Replacements are also required to properties that have lead pipework or when the customer is suffering from poor pressure problems. Water supply upgrades are necessary to accommodate new heating installations and showers or to provide increased flow when extending houses and increasing the number of bathrooms etc.

The most cost effective way of replacing water supply pipes is by using trenchless technology “the mole” which eliminates the need to dig trenches and minimises the reinstatement work required and disruption.

We also recommend replacing your supply pipe in conjunction with having new driveways laid or building extensions. We receive numerous calls from upset householders who say that they have just had a new drive laid and have now discovered a leak. This is usually due to the vibrating machinery that has been used in laying the new drive. Many people also build extensions over the existing supply pipe which means that when a leak is discovered the pipe work has to be diverted.

We will carry out a site survey and provide a free, no obligation, quotation to carry out the relay. If the quotation is accepted we will carry out the relay, backfill the excavations and reinstate the areas to match the existing surfaces.


Stop Taps

All properties require internal and external stop taps to isolate their supply when maintaining their pipes or when an emergency arises.

Every householder should know where to locate the stop taps on their property so that they can quickly turn off the water supply in an emergency. They should operate them on a regular basis to ensure that they are working. Knowing where the stop taps are and being able to turn the water supply off immediately when an emergency situation arises could be the difference between saving possessions or having them ruined by flood damage.

Whilst water authorities will undertake this work, M & S Water Services are a cost effective and efficient alternative who are fully experienced in locating and renewing external and internal stopcocks.

Customers who live in older properties that have shared water supplies often require a new external stop tap to be installed so that they so that they are able to isolate their supply from their neighbours.

External stopcocks can also be used in the process of leak detection where they can be installed on various legs of supply pipes to isolate leak positions (more commonly where the supply feeds more than one property or is longer than 50 meters).

If your internal stop tap is in an inaccessible or hard to reach position or if the householder finds the stop tap hard to operate because of their age or disability then the “SureStop Stopcock” could be the answer. This system provides an easy and reliable way to turn off mains water in the event of a burst pipe or water leak. As the Surestop is easy and convenient to use, you can also turn off your water every time you leave hope, reducing the risk of a leak while you are away. It can also be used as an isolating valve elsewhere in the home or as a simple way to operate a garden tap from within the property.

Water Meter

M & S Water Services offer a wide range of water meters that can be installed and maintained at customers request. Customers normally require this option so they are able to monitor the amount of water being used and check for leakage. These are used best when there are many legs on the supply and a meter is positioned on each leg.

We can also fit Automatic Metering Solution (AMR), which has the following benefits:

Provides monitoring of your water network 24/7 – 365 days per year.
It will show a complete supply performance and profile.
AMR will show you data that is currently going un-detected.
AMR will flag peaks and troughs of the water consumption, and any anomalies that could be leaks or assets demanding constant water. It will show high demand or mis-use.
It allows more proactive water management and helps you identify problems rapidly, saving time and money and of course water.

Outside Taps

M & S are able to supply, maintain and repair all outside taps and all pipework to and from them.  No trenches need to be dug as we can use our preferred moling method to run pipework in the garden without ruining the lawn.  Our services also include copper pipework to outside taps and re-routing the supply from inside to outside to supply the tap.  We can lag and box in all pipework to ensure it doesn’t freeze in the harsh winter months.