Supply Pipe Replacement

This is a further option. Many customers prefer to replace the complete supply pipe rather than carry out a repair when leakage is found on the pipework since they feel that it will only be a matter of time before another section of the pipework springs a leak.

Replacements are also required to properties that have lead pipework or when the customer is suffering from poor pressure problems. Water supply upgrades are necessary to accommodate new heating installations and showers or to provide increased flow when extending houses and increasing the number of bathrooms etc.

The most cost effective way of replacing water supply pipes is by using trenchless technology “the mole” which eliminates the need to dig trenches and minimises the reinstatement work required and disruption.

We also recommend replacing your supply pipe in conjunction with having new driveways laid or building extensions. We receive numerous calls from upset householders who say that they have just had a new drive laid and have now discovered a leak. This is usually due to the vibrating machinery that has been used in laying the new drive. Many people also build extensions over the existing supply pipe which means that when a leak is discovered the pipe work has to be diverted.

We will carry out a site survey and provide a free, no obligation, quotation to carry out the relay. If the quotation is accepted we will carry out the relay, backfill the excavations and reinstate the areas to match the existing surfaces.