Water Meter

M & S Water Services offer a wide range of water meters that can be installed and maintained at customers request. Customers normally require this option so they are able to monitor the amount of water being used and check for leakage. These are used best when there are many legs on the supply and a meter is positioned on each leg.

We can also fit Automatic Metering Solution (AMR), which has the following benefits:

Provides monitoring of your water network 24/7 – 365 days per year.
It will show a complete supply performance and profile.
AMR will show you data that is currently going un-detected.
AMR will flag peaks and troughs of the water consumption, and any anomalies that could be leaks or assets demanding constant water. It will show high demand or mis-use.
It allows more proactive water management and helps you identify problems rapidly, saving time and money and of course water.