M&S Water Services – COVID-19 – Update 19.03.20

Dear Customer

At M&S Water Services (Utilities) Ltd, we are taking precautions to protect our staff, their families and our customers during Covid-19. These measures will ensure that we will be in a position to operate as usual, where possible, since we are fully aware that supplies of water, both for cleaning and hydration, are key to fighting the Coronavirus.

We are following government guidelines and have implemented the following:

• Ringing ahead to advise the customer that we are coming and explaining that we will not knock the door or have any physical contact e.g. handshaking. If we do knock the door don’t be alarmed – the engineers will be standing away from the door where possible.

• Asking customers not to offer any food or drink to our teams.

• If the job requires that the team have to enter the building, we will ask the property owner to open the door, stand back and direct the team to the area of concern (first internal stop tap or other work location).

• Engineers will be in full PPE, wearing gloves and after leaving the property these will be disposed of.

• All equipment will, as normal, be sprayed with chlorine upon completion and wiped down using anti-bacterial wipes where possible.

As demand to the ageing network will be increasing in the domestic/residential environment (due to more time being spent at home and additional hygiene advice provided by the government) and more complex pressure fluctuations in the commercial/industrial environment (due to decreasing water usage) we are preparing for an increase in leakage repair operations.

We would encourage all customers to speak to us about any known water leakage as small leaks can very quickly turn into a loss of supply or a large water escape. M&S Water can also assist with temporary isolations of supply for any buildings which will be left for a considerable period and regular leakage inspections – no business will want to return to a flood after this event.

In all scenarios, telephone numbers remain the same unless otherwise communicated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss out of hours support/continuity planning.