Atlas Bore Planner

The Atlas Bore Planner allows our engineers to plan and visualise a bore on a PC before drilling. A detailed terrain plan is entered into the software, either manually, or by using a new system of lasers where the engineer in the field walks the approximate path of the bore with part of the laser system, and a laptop computer then decodes the information received from the sensors and converts it into a terrain plan.

Utilities and other underground services, rivers, lakes, roads, railways etc. are all added to the bore plan. The engineer can then specify the exclusion zone around these utilities. The type of drilling machine and length of rods is also specified. When the software has all of the information that it needs, it calculates the bore path, and displays it for the engineer to view . This can then be adjusted manually if required. The software will not allow the exclusion zones around underground services to be entered, nor will it allow the bend radius of the rods to be exceeded.

When the planning stage is complete, the bore plan and the drilling details can be printed. These include detailed instructions including the angle of each rod for the full bore.