M & S Water Services highly trained staff are here to sort all of your drainage needs both domestically and commercially. Our vans carry the latest equipment in the drainage sectors from CCTV cameras to high pressure jetting machines to ensure your problem is fixed quickly and professionally.

Our services in drainage included:



M & S Water Services has the ability to fully survey drains and sewers. This is an effective way of inspecting the condition of drainage systems for a variety of reasons.  We are also able to record the process for you. Once this is done we will communicate with you and advise the best way of moving the job forward.

Drain Repairs

As a full service drainage specialist, M & S Water Services offers a complete range of drain repair methods. Advanced technology like no-dig or pipe relining isn’t suitable for every drainage problem. So, where traditional repair methods are required, whatever the reason, we will use our wide excavation knowledge and resources to carry out collapsed drain repair and full-scale drainage replacement.

High Pressure Jetting

After our survey and it is decided the best way to clear the problem the next stage is to clearly jet the drain. This service has recently become very popular in the drainage industry normally due to it being the most cost effective way and also the least disruptive. By using high pressure jetting equipment, which delivers water under various pressures, units are effective at both clearing stubborn drain blockages and cleaning the inside of the drain pipes. Using a selection of drain jetting nozzles we are then able to adapt to most situations and clear and cleanse most items from the pipe work, such as;

  • Silt
  • Non–drainage debris
  • Grease
  • Encrusted materials
  • Roots

When our van jetters won’t shift it, we also have tankers available to do this. This may be for a range of reason but it’s mainly as the pipe or sewer increases in size, then it may be necessary to introduce High Volume Tanker Jetting or Combination Units. There are varying types of high volume tanker units available; these vary between sole jetting capability, sole suction or vacuum capability or a combination unit that can operate both systems simultaneously. The combination unit can cleanse the system and also remove the discharged content at the same time; the content is then taken away from site for authorized disposal.

Other Services

M & S Water Services can also complete many other services in the drainage industry including manhole inspection, new connections and scheduled drainage maintenance. Please get in contact for further details.