M & S Water Services have a team of plumbers who deal with plumbing repairs and projects domestically, commercially and under contract. Whether you have just have a leaking tap, or a bigger problem, M & S Water, are here to help. Dealing with all plumbing problems, such as:

  • Burst pipes and leaks
  • Airlocks
  • Pipe work repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Taps, toilets and tanks
  • Overhaul and replacement of plumbing systems
  • Installation of mains water supplies
  • Internal metering
  • RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) valve testing, installation and repair
  • Lead pipe replacement
  • Relocating rising mains
  • Hot water problems
  • Overflow problems

We are based in Luton, Bedfordshire and operate on a daily basis within an 80 mile radius although we are always prepared to travel further if required. Our workmanship, customer service and availability to get to customers properties quickly has assisted in winning many contracts. Most recently, a three-year contract with Affinity Water, dealing with Domestic and Commercial Plumbing Services.

M & S Water Services are proud platinum surestop installers. The surestop range of stopcocks allow you to turn off mains water at a flick of a switch. They operate purely on water pressure and do not require batteries or a electrical connection.

The remote water switches and stopcocks can easily be located in an accessible position such as just above the worktop or inside the kitchen cupboard door.

For information or advice on why you should have a surestop installed please contact us or visit Surestop for further details.